Shopping Trip with Kids
Multi-phase online, in-store / in-home ethnographies

Client Type: Independent Moderator

Industry: Retail / Department Store


  1. Phase 1: 7-Day Online Immersion across Atlanta and Chicago among consumer decision makers of children’s clothing
  2. Phase 2: 6, 2-hour ethnographies (In-home shop-along) per market, select among Phase One respondents.

How Fieldcats Helped:

  • Fieldcats drafted a screener inclusive of:
    • Specialized questions for screening the child including gaining approval to speak with minor, child-specialized verbiage to ensure child articulation and openness to speaking on the topic.
    • Segmentation questions used to segment respondents into three main segments (current, lapsed and non-customers of the brand) as well as sub segments within each (lifestyle).
  • Drafted login email for the online portion of the study introducing the moderators of the study, outlining the activity overview, who to contact for tech support, and who to contact for honorarium questions.
  • Monitored participation of the online portion by doing daily updates and working with recruiters to ensure completion rates were met.
  • Arranged scheduling of hand-selected respondents for Phase Two, including monitoring logistical concerns around driving distance between interviews.
  • Drafted an ethnography overview for the in-person interviews outlining what to expect (e.g. video recording, number of clients, name and picture of lead moderator, removal of pets).
  • Managed transcripts of all interviews to be delivered on rolling basis.