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The Work We Do

We are experts in conducting both Qualitative and Quantitative market research across B2C, B2B and pharmaceutical/healthcare sectors. From exploratory feasibility consultations to sharing final deliverables, we will be your guide to finding your audience (and getting every logistical detail set up along the way). 

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Surrounding ourselves with smart people is the secret to our success. Proactive planning and finding efficiencies are our mantras; we integrate seamlessly with your team to deliver a single point of contact for your logistical needs. Let us help prepare you before plunging into an abyss of misallocated resources and time.

The Methodologies We Manage

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In-Person Research

Virtual Research

The Audience We Recruit

We take pride in being able to reach a truly diverse audience. Whether your study requires diversity of sample or specialized attention to a specific audience, we excel in recruiting everything from niche to GenPop.

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US Ethnic/Racial Diversity
US Geo Diversity
Global Gender Diversity

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The Clients We Work With

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Government and Education

Financial & Fintech

Travel & Hospitality

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About the Fieldcats

Fieldcats, above all else, values grace and integrity. We put our egos aside and truly focus on delivering excellent, consistent work that allows our clients to shine.

The Fieldcats are known for their adaptability, professionalism, proactivity, excellent problem-solving, intelligence, and consistency. Most importantly, these traits can be found among each and every member of the Fieldcats team. ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’! We genuinely respect the strengths of each and every member of our team and work together to provide our clients with unparalleled service.

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Thinking Outside the Box? Let's Talk!

Have a different methodology or idea you'd like to discuss? We are highly adaptable and creative, and look forward to discussing how we can bring your vision to life!

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