"It's amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets credit."

Harry S. Truman


Fieldcats serves as a valuable partner to a variety of clientele in the market research world. We fit seamlessly with your team and pride ourselves on managing the stress of logistics so you don't have to. We want the spotlight on you and your vision. Let us help you shine!

Our Clients mean the world to us. We value building long-lasting and trusting partnerships with our clients and look forward to the opportunity to work with you so that you, too, can experience the unparalleled Fieldcats concierge treatment!


Market Research, Design Research and Strategy Firms

Overloaded with work and need help managing studies? We offer per-project and per-day rates to fit whatever needs are being left unmet. The ebb and flow of research is unpredictable. Working with Fieldcats means you have the flexibility to entrust your work to seasoned field managers (without having to hire a full-time employee).

Ad Agencies / Marketing Departments

Does your company need to run a quick-turn ad or message test? Or perhaps you need assistance fielding an online survey or tracker study? Fieldcats has helped many ad agencies and those in marketing departments with quick-turn requests as well as full-service support for their research needs.

Software Companies

So you've sold a project. Now what? You may have a pool of basic consumers, but this study's target is tricky. There are hundreds of recruiters and sample providers out there. Where do you turn to find this unique audience? Fieldcats! Let us help you organize your approach and find solutions that fit both your budget and project scope.

Independent Moderators

We help independent moderators leverage their time, and grow their businesses. Having Fieldcats on-board means you can take on more projects and increase your productivity. Let us be your force multiplier!