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We manage everything from focus groups to multi-phase, multi-market, mixed methodology large scope studies. See below for an overview of our offerings.

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Meet Our Expert-Level Fieldcats Safari Guides

Equipped with a team of expert-level Safari guides, Fieldcats will be happy to lead your organization into the wild, expansive world of in-person research! Whether it’s a domestic or global Safari, with consumer, corporate or healthcare audiences, there is no adventure too large or too small.

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In-Person Research is Back!

While we’ve been excited to see all of the developments in both AI and virtual research, we feel that the rich additional context gathered from speaking with respondents in person is unparalleled. Many studies are showing that virtual conversations show significantly less neural activity than in-person conversations. We feel strongly that engaging in person will continue to be crucial to the success of brands.

Tiffany Schwalm

Our Founder, Tiffany Schwalm has been a leading-edge supplier for global in-person research since before she founded Fieldcats in 2015.

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Kristin Burgess

Did we hear someone say they need an event planner? Enter Fieldcats’ in-house creative and alternative space expert, Kristin Burgess!

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Jarene Amstrong

Need assistance with the complex world of off-site pharma/healthcare studies? In addition to her extensive fielding of in-facility work, Jarene Amstrong is an expert in fielding all forms of in-person pharma/healthcare research on a global scale.

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Nicole Williams

Coming from a family who owned research facilities, Nicole Williams has a figurative black belt when it comes to fielding studies at research facilities!

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Marissa Silvi

Need to conduct in-homes among patients with disabilities and chronic pain? Or perhaps in-person research at a facility among a diverse audience (rare disease patients, specialists, and KOLs)?

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In-Person vs Virtual

Qualitative Services

In-Person Qualitative Services

In-Home Examples:

  • B2C: GenPop, high net worth (HNW), ultra high net worth (UHNW)
  • Pharma: patients, people with disabilities

In-situ / on-site examples:

  • B2C: Parks, gyms, trails, entertainment venues, bars, ride-along, etc.
  • B2B: Workplace, farms, ride-along, in-office, etc.
  • Pharma: Physician offices, for role play / simulated dialogue research

We effortlessly manage shop-alongs:

  • With and without store approval 
  • Across 1 store or multi-store shop-along (e.g., shopping in 3 nearby stores during one longer interview)

Whether in-store, in a facility or in someone’s home, count of Fieldcats to easily navigate the complex world of eye-tracking studies.

With ~50% of the world’s facilities shutting down since 2020, we are now facing three struggles:

  • Overwhelmed/overbooked facilities
  • Loss off great creative venues 
  • Markets with no remaining research facilities

Fieldcats has developed a network of site contractors / finders, videographers, and hosts to create an experience that both fits your budget and your needs.

Usage cases include: needing to set an upscale theme for high-end respondents and/or clients, car clinics, research being conducted in a market that does not have a research facility, larger spaces needed for co-creation sessions, etc.

What facilities (if any) exist in the markets you are researching?  How far in advance do you need to place a hold? What options do you have in each market? Fieldcats will be happy to guide you through the process.

Virtual Qualitative Services

  • Utilized across Consumers, B2B and Pharma, count on us to make sure everyone gets logged in on time.
  • Platforms we use: Forsta (InterVu), Zoom (Webinar, Meetings),, Recollective, Civicom, Adobe Connect, QualMeeting, etc.
  • Like IDIs, online groups are utilized across Consumer, B2B and Pharma qualitative research.
  • Platforms we use: Forsta (InterVu), Zoom (Webinar, Meetings),, Recollective, Civicom, Adobe Connect, QualMeeting, etc.
  • Utilized across Consumer, B2B and Pharma qualitative research, we have seen and programmed it all when it comes to conducting online immersions and journaling.  From 2-day quick-turn asks to 12-month communities, we look forward to supporting your next online immersion/journaling study!
  • Platforms we use: Recollective, QualBoard, Forsta/Revelation, QualSights
  • Most often utilized for B2C and Patient Pharma research, mobile ethnographies are an amazing tool that allow us to gather in-the-moment feedback from respondents from the ‘comfort’ of a mobile device.
  • Platforms we use: dScout, QualMobile, Indeemo, Recollective, etc.
  • POP Groups
  • Co-creation sessions
  • Usability testing and unmoderated sessions
  • AI-moderated sessions

Quantitative Services

Does your multi-phase study include quant? Are you looking for a niche audience for a quant study? Or perhaps you just need to offload management of your upcoming quant study? See below to learn about how Fieldcats can help.

Many of our clients utilize Fieldcats because we provide solutions beyond what a typical panel provider offers.  We help answer questions like:

  • Can we conduct quantitative research with this target audience?
  • What sample size can we find?
  • Is it feasible to conduct this research in these specific markets?
  • How quickly can we get this done?
  • Should we utilize online or phone surveys for our study?
  • All of our partners turned us down for this research. Why? How can we make this feasible? (We are almost always able to find solutions that make the ‘impossible’ possible!)

Bidding, survey design, translations and implementation/overlays, programming QC checks, status updates (and solutions if short on sample required), data QC checks (checking for straightliners), open end coding, analysis,reporting QC checks, etc.



We excel in all things online quant from selection of panel provider and platform to analysis.


Phone / Hybrid

Utilized for more niche audiences and/opr client lists, we often partner with providers who can adapt phone into a more comprehensive quant solution.



Typically utilized for Central Location Testing (CLT) studies, we are extremely experienced in conducting in-person quantitative research.

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Have a different methodology or idea you'd like to discuss? We are highly adaptable and creative, and look forward to discussing how we can bring your vision to life!

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