Global Pharma
Facility + tele-web with patients and HCPs

Client Type: Healthcare Research Firm

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Methodology: 12, 60-minute interviews per market across US (Chicago), France (Paris), Germany (Berlin), and South Korea (Seoul) among physicians and patients. Interview location split between one day CL (Central Location) and remaining via Tele-Web (InterVu) per market.

How Fieldcats Helped:

  • Fieldcats worked seamlessly with research firm’s branding, delivering branded research schedules, recruitment updates to the end client and calendar invites for tele-web IDIs.
  • Completion of Adverse Event training, faxing of AE documents as required, staying current with local compliance requirements (e.g. GDPR, BHBIA, HIPAA, etc.).
  • Set up FocusVision/InterVu for all markets.
  • Proactively managed recruitment challenges by doing real-time partner check-ins (across all applicable time zones) and adding additional recruiting partners when necessary to ensure a full recruit.
  • Managed translations and approvals across all markets.
  • Arrangement of phone and in-person briefings among local moderators and project leads.
  • Managed budget for all markets and provided an end-of-study budget reconciliation.